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DocGeeks - October 8 2011
Myriam Gwynned Dijck
"Apart from giving a great look into the shady world of Guantanamo, the real strength of the film is how they use the case of Omar to create a broader discussion." Read more...


IndieWIRE - October 10th 2011
Ian Grey
"GREY MATTERS: HOMELAND and YOU DON’T LIKE THE TRUTH go deep inside the minds of torture victims" Read more...

Radio interview on Critics choice

Critics choice - October 6th 2011
Prairie Miller
Radio interview with Luc Côté. Listen...

Boxoffice Magazine

Boxoffice Magazine - October 3rd, 2011
Hillary Eschenburg

Boxoffice recently caught up with Côté and Henriquez to discuss their unforgettable film. Read more...

Morning Star

Morning Star - October 6th 2011
Jeff Sawetell

"Yet another documentary that should be required viewing..."

The Guardian

The Guardian, England - October 6th 2011
Peter Bradshaw

"A gut-wrenching film"

Daily Mail

Daily Mail, England - October 6th 2011

"You don’t care about me': Shocking footage of 16-year-old Canadian inmate being interrogated in Guantanamo Bay." Read more...


9/10 PopMatters - October 3rd 2011
Cynthia Fuchs

“I Lost My Eyes. ”

Empire Magazine

Empire Magazine - October 2nd 2011

“Revealing injustice through Khadr's own words. ”


Salon.com - September 30th 2011
Andrew O'Hehir

“You Don’t Like the Truth: 4 Days Inside Guantánamo” — the first film to show actual interrogation footage from inside the secret American military prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.” Read more...

Total Film

Total Film - September 30th, 2011
Tom Dawson

“Like Taxi To The Dark Side, this uses an individual case – the suspect allegedly killed a US medic in Afghanistan – to lay bare “tactics” used in the War On Terror. ” Read more...

The Onion

AV Club - September 29th, 2011
Scott Tobias

“You Don’t Like The Truth beats the drum, and beats it loudly. ” Read more...

Box Office Magazine

Box Office Magazine - September 29th 2011
Phil Contrino

“In an era of over-produced and over-edited documentaries—here's looking at you, Michael Moore—it's refreshing to watch a no-frills doc like You Don't Like The Truth: 4 Days Inside Guantánamo. ” Read more...


NPR - September 29th, 2011
Mark Jenkins

“All Cote and Henriquez can provide is some glimmers of insight about just one of the men held there. But that's enough to make their movie enlightening, compelling and, finally, heartbreaking. ” Read more...


Filmcritic - September 29th 2011
Sam Kressner

“You Don't Like the Truth likely the most important film you will see this year. ” Read more...


WNYC Radio / The Leonard Lopate Show - September 29, 2011
Audio of Luc and Patricio’s interview posts to the web site.

In These Times

In These Times - September 28th 2011
David Szydloski

“Directors Luc Côté and Patricio Henriquez expertly flesh out Khadr’s story by weaving the footage of the interrogation together with commentary from people who know Khadr—including family, former cellmates, and even U.S. and Canadian civilans and military officials who have advocated on his behalf. ” Read more...

DVD Talk

DVD Talk - September 28 2011
Jason Bailey

“The progression of events is tense and riveting. After the Canadians leave for the last time, the camera keeps rolling on Khadr alone in that room. His lonely form is kept up on one side of the screen, while his cellmates and supporters appear on the other side. It's a potent visual metaphor. Their backing is admirable, but it ultimately doesn't amount to much--he's still there, a solitary man. ” Read more...


Variety - September 28th 2011
Ronnie Scheib

“Luc Cote and Patricio Henriquez's "You Don't Like the Truth" demonstrates, through excerpts from an actual videotaped interrogation at Guantanamo, the process by which human will can be systematically broken down to force an admission of guilt, regardless of truth. By showing a delegation of Canadians grilling a fellow Canadian youth who was previously tortured by Americans, this disturbing docu casts the U.S. not as an exporter of democracy but as an international enabler of civil-rights violations. Bowing Sept. 28 at Gotham's Film Forum, advocacy pic should spark sufficient outrage to propel it through the arthouse circuit. ” Read more...

The New York Times

September 27 2011
Jeannette Catsoulis

“Painfully stark yet utterly magnetic. The Montreal-based filmmakers Luc Côté and Patricio Henriquez have assembled an even-tempered glimpse behind a very dark curtain. Briefly illuminating what one commenter calls the “legal black hole” of Guantánamo Bay, “You Don't Like the Truth” cleverly employs voyeuristic techniques to unveil hidden atrocities. ” Read more...

The Village Voice

September 28 2011
Melissa Anderson

"You Don't Like the Truth focuses on the pathetic manipulations of Canadian intelligence officers as they interrogate Toronto-born Omar Khadr, the youngest prisoner held in Guantánamo Bay.” Read more...

Time Out New York

September 27 2011
David Fear

"This doc raises enough questions about the ends justifying the means during an era of endless war that it earns the right to be called essential viewing." Read more...


September 25 2011
John Soltes

“The documentary is not about Omar; it's about his home for the past nine years.” Read more...


September 27 2011
Maria Garcia

“Watching this documentary, we are compelled to consider who we are as a people…” Read more...

Indiewire - ReelPolitik

September 28 2011
Anthony Kaufman

“It's a vivid reminder of what went wrong-and continues to go wrong-with the West's “War on Terror.” Read more...

You Don’t Like the Truth wins documentary prize at Gémeaux Awards

The Gazette - Montreal, Canada - September 14th 2011
Brendan Kelly

Review in Slant Magazine

Slant Magazine - June 15th 2011
Bill Weber
"In the "legal black hole" of Guantanamo, its youngest prisoner, now 24 and serving an eight-year sentence in the wake of copping a plea, seems a living testament to American callousness toward norms of international justice and the likelihood of reaping future enemies from the scapegoats among the interned." Read more...

Critic on Pop Matter

PopMatter.com - June 23rd 2011
Chris Barsanti
"Recorded over the four days when Khadr was interrogated by the CSIS, they (directors of the film) provide images that are both banal and horrifying". Read more...

Andy Worthington discusses the film on Press TV

Press TV - June 8th 2011
Andy Worthington Discusses the Omar Khadr Film "You Don't Like the Truth" on Press TV. Read more...


ROCKETS AND ROBOTS ARE GO! (New Zealand) - April 27th 2011
"You Don't Like the Truth is the latest in a long line of recent documentaries highlighting and criticising the absurd and unjust committed by the United States in their "War on Terror" ". Read more...

Review on 3 News - New Zealand

3 NEWS - New Zealand - April 6th 2011
Daniel Rutledge
"Anyone who appreciated documentaries of previous festivals like Taxi to the Dark Side or Road to Guantanamo will need no encouraging to get a ticket to You Don't Like The Truth. Anyone else who is interested in contemporary human rights issues should also go along." Read more...

Review on Eye For Film - New Zealand

EYE FOR FILM - New Zealand
Amber Wilkinson
"You Don't Like The Truth ought to be compulsory viewing for anyone over the age of 15 who is in any doubt about what is happening down in Guantanamo." Read more...

Critic on ScreenDaily

ScreenDaily - December 8th 2010
Mark Adams, chief film critic

"It is a powerful, moving and still very pertinent film likely to film welcoming distributors for both theatrical and TV screenings. The film won the Special Jury Prize at IDFA."

Article on Al Arabiya

Al Arabiya - October 21st 2010
Ahmed al-Gharib

"Documentary exposes interrogator as amateur"

Review on Cinema Eye

Cinema Eye
Gilbert Seah

"Luc Cote and Patricio Henriquez have made one of the most harrowing documentaries about Guantanamo Bat without showing a drop of blood!" Read more...

A review from Vancouver

Alienated in Vancouver - NOVEMBER 21, 2010

"You Don't Like the Truth is, simply, an unmissable documentary - something every Canadian should see." Read more...

Comment on Magnus Isacsson's blog

Magnus Isacsson, independent film maker in Montreal.

"You can only leave this film with a sense that something has to be done". Read more...

Screen Daily: a politically loaded documentary

SCREEN DAILY - 15 October 2010
Suzan Ayscough

"Reminiscent of Errol Morris' The Thin Blue Line or Standard Operating Procedure, You Don't Like The Truth (a statement actually made by Khadr in the interrogation footage) is a politically loaded documentary." Read more...

Hour: eye-opening

HOUR - October 26th 2010
Jesse Locke

"For anyone interested in human rights, this eye-opening, often mind-boggling documentary is essential viewing." Read more...

Critic on Exclaim.ca

Exclaim.ca - October 2010

"There is little to criticize, seeing that the film successfully does what it sets out to." Read more...

4 Stars in the Sun


"A frankly gobsmacking documentary."

3 Stars in the Globe

Rick Groen

"You Don't Like the Truth: A teenager, a locked room and the ugly truth." Read more...

Critic in the Toronto Star

Bruce DeMara

"If this documentary doesn't fill you with sorrow, fury and revulsion, then democracy, human rights and justice are hollow words and we belong in the same moral dead zone as fanatics who oppress and destroy in the name of faith." Read more...

Critic in The Gazette


"You will still be outraged when you see You Don't Like the Truth."

Critic in Now Magazine

Now Magazine - October 28, 2010
Norman Wilner

"A sickening look at a Kafkaesque holding system."

Critic in Metro Toronto

Metro Toronto - October 28, 2010
Adam Nayman

"You Don't Like The Truth does more than shed light on one individual's experience." Read more...

Q&A with the directors on NOW

Now Magasine
Norman Wilner

Read the article here....

Review of the film on Cinema Eye

Cinema Eye - October 29th 2010

"Luc Cote and Patricio Henrique have made one of the most harrowing documentaries about Guantanamo Bay without showing a drop of blood!". Read more...

Critic on EyeWeekly.com

EYEWEEKLY.COM - October 29th 2010

"This 99 minutes of required viewing from Quebec".

The Varsity: A revealing documentary about Omar Khadr

The Varsity - October 29th 2010
Assunta Alegiani

"the film captures how humanity and compassion seem to be choices, not obligations. Oh boy, how I didn't like this truth!". Read more...

Article on ART & THREAT - culture + politics

THREAT culture + politics - October 21st
Ezra Winton

"As Omar Khadr fades away from the collective conscience, from our media-memory fragments, this new documentary confronts us to share his space, to feel his suffering, and to be inspired to fight for him.

Unanswered questions

CBC news - October 20th 2010

"The story behind the Omar Khadr documentary, You Don't Like the Truth: 4 Days Inside Guantanamo. Read more...

CBC: The film to be shown to MPs

CBC News - October 18th 2010

"Khadr documentary to be shown to MPs."

George Stroumboulopoulos on the film

CBC - October 15th 2010
George Stroumboulopoulos

"This film is important, and deserves to be seen". Read more...